Tender Truth…

What a predicament! Sometimes speaking the truth is just that. A predicament. The following was my pre-writing mindset:

“Do I write this or not? How will the reader digest it? Will they be of the same mind or stop reading and turn me off? I hope not.”

But after praying and knowing the truth and that it indeed sets people free, how could I hold back? It is so important that when speaking or writing, that it is done in love and for the hearers benefit. So, know this, you are LOVED and this is most definitely for your GOOD. This is absolutely to exhort and not to condemn. Ok, so listen to my heart if you would.

Calling All Christians!

This topic is not an easy one. Why? Because everyone has their own idea of what is true. And what’s “allowed” so to speak. But really, in this craziness of life, as Christians, how wonderful to know the truth” and not just a truth”. There is only one truth and one alone. And His name is Jesus. We know His Word to be the infallible truth. It brings love, joy, peace and freedom. It is time…time for the church to step up once again and influence the world rather than letting society engulf the church. How do we do this? By quite simply, living His word. No compromise. No perfection. Know this, there is absolutely NO legalism or condemnation in Christ. There just isn’t! So this is not meant to bring you down but instead to uplift. “In its most basic sense, legalism believes that we can earn or keep God’s favor by what we do.” That is just NOT so! We are already complete in Christ through His salvation. Nothing we could ever do could make us better or more good. God gives us grace because we all fall short but…we are NOT to abuse that grace. His grace should prod us on in desiring to be more like Him, not a license to actively sin. Yes, He is forgiving, of course, but God knows our hearts. If we sin and ask forgiveness, but keep repeating the same thing over and over, that is not true repentance.

Whether any of us want to hear this or not, Jesus is not a sugar daddy! “Give to me, heal me, love me, encourage me, bless me!” Or “I can just go and live however I want to because of His grace.” Or “We need to keep the church up with the times, the modern church is where it is at.” Last time I checked God’s word has not changed nor has his commandments or promises in it. Please know this….in Christianity and according to His Word, there is black and white. This world is soooooo gray, churches included. How can we be firm in faith without absolutes? The present dialogue or thought processes of many kind of goes something like this:

“Everything is OK, what’s right for them is not right for me. And that’s OK. I just need to be OK with that for them because it is their own conviction.”

Of course we cannot control others or make their choices and we are not their judge. Nor should we ever judge. I will say though that if you ask me for truth or what my thoughts are, I will be honest with you. In love. The truth FREES so why would I hold back? I would ask the same from you. Don’t we want the very best for one another? My complete truth is the Bible, front to back, no additions or subtractions. What some Christians are allowing in their life is concerning and disheartening. The Bible is crystal clear on things that will help us or hurt us. We are supposed to be set apart. We are called to reach a dying world. How can we do that if we are living the exact same way?

Believe me, they’re watching!

God Bless your “receptive” souls!



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