Catch and Release…

As I watch this tall, lean boy walk down the driveway toward his first youth event, I am taken back to a simpler time. A time of snuggles and feedings, of naps and playtime, and of sweet giggles and lullabies. I can still see those precious baby feet and chubby toddler cheeks and my heart aches a little. You see, I have to constantly remind myself that He was never just mine. Or just my husband’s. He was His first. He gave him so graciously to us to love and protect, and to guide and direct. In God’s precious timing, He released our blessing and we caught him with wide open arms. And just as we were able to catch this amazing boy of ours, in the very same moment, we released him right back to God. Because first and foremost, he is His. He always was and will always be.

Sometimes our grip is the very thing that holds us hostage. It holds us back from God’s best. You see….not until we release fear, will we catch peace. Or not until we release pride, will we yield humility. Humility cannot live where pride does and peace cannot fill us when fear resides. We need to be willing to give it up. Just like that fisherman who needs to be consenting to release the fish, so must we be willing to let go.

I digress…back to that young man walking up that driveway. We cannot strive to keep him at infancy, or age 3 or even 13. We need to let him thrive as we trust God to keep him. We can believe that the God Who gave him to us is more than faithful and will continue to walk with him through life. We will do our part of course but as he grows, there is a letting go and releasing process in certain ways. I will always catch him when he needs me. Always! Being there and loving him always is the easy part. The more difficult process is releasing him further at different stages. If he never went to preschool, would he have thrived socially as he did in kindergarten? And if we held him back from every event out of fear, would he have grown to trust and be discerning? And if I walked him into that youth event as I so wanted to (much to his dismay 😬), would I be encouraging confidence and fostering independence that is such an integral part of growing up? So yes, as a mom, I have to practice catch and release. Release the worries, release the control and yes, release the past. But the catch is the best part! As I do the releasing, in return, I will catch peace over worries, freedom over control and the beautiful future ahead as well as remembering the precious past.

Are you willing? Willing to release all blessing to another? Willing to release whatever may be holding you back? Willing to release the things inside that need to be changed? Willing to let go of any pain, wrong thoughts or lies? Know this…when you release, you will catch something wonderful! Pray for the strength to let go so God can take hold. The blessing after all is not in the obvious, yet fulfilling catch but in the surrendering release.

God bless your souls,



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