Be that friend…

Friendship is a sheltering tree.~ Samuel Coleridge

Be that friend!

A friend who listens well and one who discerns when no words are spoken.

A friend who is honest and tells the truth not behind their back but straight to them in love and helpfulness.

A friend who is forgiving and not offended easily.

A friend who is sweet, sincere and generous.

A friend who just gets the other person.

A friend who is humorous, silly at times, and fun!

A friend who is trustworthy and sensitive.

A friend who is optimistic with encouragement.

A friend who is kind, considerate and heartfelt.

A friend who is steadfast and reliable.

A friend who is warm, available and affectionate.

I absolutely cherish my friendships and strive to be a better friend in all ways! There is nothing better than having a true friend! One who just gets you, loves you and tells you the truth no matter what! One who laughs so hard with you that you pee your pants and your bellies ache from laughter. I have friends like this and because of it, I am truly blessed. They are there for me, listen to me, hug me, laugh with me and cry with me. These girls have my back in every way and I have theirs!

Make time for friends because it is so vital to spend that time. To be honest, I love my guys so much and it is so easy to just hang out with just each other when not working or being busy. We just really love and enjoy each other’s company. But to have girl time and fostering friendships is so important! So make time for your chums, because nurturing those relationships is like watering a garden. Be a true friend!!

So this February, celebrate with your love but celebrate your friendships as well. Be silly, be present, be hilarious!

Happy Friendship!

God Bless your sweet souls,



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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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