On Purpose…

As I write this, I am inspired. Inspired by the One who created me, saved me, loves me, and knows me better than I could ever know myself. He came to do one thing and that was to die! To die for me. For us. He was intentional about His purpose and carried it out and sacrificed so much and did so purposeful . For you. For me.

I think life should be lived intentionally. Not forsaking spontaneity or flexibility but still aiming with clear purpose. How can we live this out? By setting goals. Plan what you want to achieve in this thing called life. Whether it’s as small as baking a cake for someone’s birthday celebration, or decorating your house to larger things, like how we talk and interact with others or cultivating our spiritual growth…prepare, focus and be intentional about fulfilling the desired goal.

One of the things that helps accomplish purposeful living is time management! I am a big believer in it. Staying on task yields results. There is a way to carry out your plan all while still enjoying what you are doing. Now, I cannot say that I am down to the minute with planning but I am definitely not wasting hours. It is easy… we just need to know what we are looking to accomplish, acquire what is needed to do so and then, just do it. Many times, we allow distractions and overthinking something so much so, that when it’s all said and done, we have become weary of enjoying the very accomplishment of it!

Another way to live intentionally and with purpose is to be organized. I incessantly do so. I consider it a strength. Organization is another major component of realizing our goals. Clear your space, make lists, and declutter. Chaos is overwhelming to me. I do anything and everything in my power to free myself of it. A great way to achieve this, is to have a space for everything at home or at the office. Try not to become a pack rat, keep what you use and discard what you do not. So liberating! Make your lists and clear your mind! And then get it done!

I choose to be intentional about:

  • My relationships
  • Completing my goals
  • Having much gratitude
  • Being kind
  • Simplistic living
  • Loving
  • Getting healthy
  • Blessing and Giving to others
  • Schedules
  • Loving Life

Jesus was intentional with His love for us all, let’s live with purpose for Him. We will all be glad we did!

“I will love, speak, live with intention!”

God Bless your sweet souls,



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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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  1. I must have missed this week. What a great read. Thanks for the inspiration! I try to be organized an manage my time. I struggle with the getting healthy but working on it. ❤️

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  2. I love this blog…I definitely understand the time management and organization piece! It’s one of the areas that I struggle with. Every day brings me closer to a more organized person..living with a purpose..😊

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