Back to Square One…

Happy New Year!!!! Ahhhh, a brand new, super fresh, beginning of a year! Resolutions are in full swing! Are you ready? OK, so every year, I challenge myself to personal goals and Mark and I set family goals as well!

Here are a few:

• More God time – delving into His word more, reaching others for Him and pursuing humility. This is my most precious one because it is the foundation. You cannot build a strong house without a good foundation. Same goes for this…you cannot build a strong life without a firm foundation. So, I really feel as we do this, everything will line up. He is the one Who strengthens us and helps us fulfill our desires and plans.

• Family devotional and prayer time DAILY.

• Being the very best wife and mom that I can be.

• Building my son up to become a selfless, kind, healthy thinking and determined man of character.

• Listening more.

• Worrying less. Preferably not at all! 😉

• Living Simply.

• Exercising more consistently.

• Eating better and home cooked meals mostly.

• House stuff, vacation time and financial goals, and MORE! But these are just icing.

We all have goals and I have 4 words for us all…WE CAN DO IT! You may not get it right every single day but don’t quit. You do not have to wait for a new year to start over. If you miss it or don’t hit the mark you desired on a given day, start fresh the next day.

2018 is going to be great! It is going to be a game changer and I’m ready…are you?! I know you are! I encourage you to set your goals and do your best to stick to them. Dream big and live out those dreams! Mark saw a billboard the other day that read “$99 for a flight to Europe” and he said “I would totally just spontaneously do that- let’s go!” Now we may not do it tomorrow but what I am saying is set your dreams! Don’t wait. Live life to the fullest! Every year, we don’t just plan to set goals but we set dreams as well!

One last note…don’t always look at what is wrong with you. We are, in a way, doing so when we set resolutions. As you are in the midst of goal setting, encourage yourself by looking at what is right with you! Because, there is so much good and right! Tackle this year with determination, patience and grace…for others and yourselves!

So, in the words of Chip Gaines…”Go Get after it!”

God Bless your sweet souls!



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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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