“Smiling’s My Favorite!”

Ohhh, it is that time of year – the time for Christmas cheer! Decorations are going up, shopping is underway, Christmas movies and music is filling our homes and cars, dates are being set, the kiddos are making their lists and anticipation is climbing! But with all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday, and through the crazed planning and shopping, let’s remain focused…focused on the gift of Jesus! For without Him, there wouldn’t be a reason for celebrating CHRISTmas! He is the very reason. It’s ok to be doing all the festivities and preparation as long as we don’t lose sight of the true meaning, and that we remain joyful through it.

But not everybody is cheerful are they? There are those who have such a heavy sadness due to loss or pain and there are others who are just angry and Scrooge-like. I have the solution for brighter days! Smiling, that’s right, Let’s all show off those pearly whites! Be generous with happiness to those closest to you such as family and friends, and even strangers, and most especially to those grumps and difficult people. I love that phrase in one of my favorite more modern Christmas movies, ELF…. “Smiling’s my favorite!” Will Ferrell just makes me laugh constantly, but even though it’s just a movie, it brings such joy and laughter! The joy that results from a smile is contagious!

Smiling has many benefits aside from making us just generally happier. It can be an encouragement to those who desperately need joy. It is uplifting and helps others, which is what we really want to do, isn’t it?! Studies have totally proven that smiling reduces anxiety and depression, releases endorphins and strengthens your immune system. Not to mention, isn’t a smiley person much more attractive?! I think so, a smile brings a light wherever you go! And when you add a nice gesture to that grin, the world is brighter!

I challenge you to forge ahead and even on hard days, force that smile. Because even when you have to make yourself do it, it’s still beneficial. And before you know it, the rest of you will line up with that beautiful beam! So this Christmas, don’t be a “cotton headed ninny muggin “, instead spread some Christmas cheer! It is what the world needs more of!

Wishing you all a very, Merry Christmas!

God Bless your sweet SMILING souls!

~ Tanya


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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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