Is it All You’ve Hoped For?

Expectations!  What are yours?  Are they good, bad or nonexistent?  It’s OK to be expectant, in fact, it breeds hope!  Some will say if you don’t expect anything, you cannot be disappointed.  Well, that is a defeated mindset in my opinion.  I think that living life is full of expectancy…. wonderful, beautiful, hopeful expectancy! If you’re anticipating only the negative, that can make you downtrodden.  If you are not believing or expecting for anything, that can be dismal.  But if you expect wonderful things and it does not turn out as you thought, well….God can turn those things around and make the end result exceedingly good!  Hopeful expectancy is a positive way to live, to think, to be!!!

We all have sooooo many predictions and try to surmise what our lives should be….

With life in general: Is it all you dreamed it would be so far?  Is it going according to plan and what you predicted it would be?  Are you where you expected to be with your Creator spiritually?

With your family:  Do you get along with those closest to you, do they meet up to how you think they should be acting or doing?   Are you single when you had more hopes for being married by now?  Are you unhappy in your marriage and wishing for single life yet again?  Is your spouse fulfilling and living up to what you think they should?  Are your children doing what you know they are capable of?

With your career or job:  Is it satisfying and challenging?  Are you treated fairly as you would expect to be in the workplace?  Are you content in your position?  Do you love what you do? Speaking from personal experience, life has not always been nor will it ever be perfect!  But I am blessed beyond belief.  It truly is more than I could have expected!  I am incredibly thankful to my Savior, it is all His doing!    First, I love God with my whole heart and without Him, life would be awful at best!  I am a blessed wife to my very best friend, mother to my blessing of a boy, daughter, niece, granddaughter, cousin and friend!  I have a great job doing what I love with people I am fond of!  Life has had its disappointments but moreover, it has had many more blessings.  When our expectations don’t come to fruition, there is growth. So to answer all of the above… draw close to God, love Him first and He will give you His very best!  He can make that marriage fulfilled by being the center, He can bring the one your soul loves, He can heal every pain in every relationship, and He can and will bless you beyond your greatest expectation!
I want to encourage you to try not to be constantly dissatisfied focusing on what could be rather than the positive that ALREADY is?!

  • Be thankful for your blessings and pray for your disappointments to be ironed out.
  • Surround yourself with praying, positive people, ones that will build you up.
  • Do not be fearful of the nagging ‘what if’s’ and the anxiety that comes with negative thinking.
  • Don’t not put unrealistic expectations on people.

Be convinced that your life is in the hands of a loving God? Because it is and He is all that is good and He NEVER disappoints.  He cares for you and has the very best for you. Yes, sometimes your anticipations are not as expected, and that my friends, is not always a bad thing!  Sometimes God has much better for us than we have for ourselves.  His timing is not ours, but it is perfect.  I feel that He is looking for us to put our expectations in Him, for He never fails!  If we put our trust in people, we shall be sorely disappointed.  But He never disappoints.  Focus on the good and let your expectations be full of hope!

God Bless your sweet souls!



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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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