Gospel truth

What has really been on my mind an incredible amount lately, is how broken the body of Christ is.  When I say broken, I do not mean people who are hurting.  Yes, there are those who are and they need healing.  But what I am expressing instead is the dysfunction of the church.  Lots are not being the light to the world, that they claim to be.  We say we represent Him in all ways, but do we?!?!  This world is hopeless in a lot of ways.  They are craving something more than what is being offered and need it desperately.  We can say what sounds good 24/7,  but are we letting the world see the loving nature of God through us?!  Believe me, they’re watching!

Ok, it about to get real….I created a blog – not so that I can be all sweet and sappy all of the time – there are encouraging and uplifting topics but sometimes, we all need a little truth bomb!  I will be very transparent here…at times, I have a hard time letting go and forgiving.  But you know what?  I will NOT be a prisoner of someone else and what they choose to do.  I “will” to forgive so I remain free.  There is nothing like freedom, it keeps us soft hearted, warm, joyful, unguarded and filled with peace.  I know that we are not meant to be perfect and we all miss it.  But, as Christians, are we living what we convey?

  • Do you go to church and then talk about everyone the quickest chance you get?
  • Are you loving and kind or sharp and rude to people?
  • Are you living out His Word, which is the only truth, or just taking parts of the Bible that you are comfortable with?
  • Are you a keeper of your word or just a really good talker?
  • Are you exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit or are you controlling and proud?
  • Are you truthful or full of lies?
  • Are you forgiving and free or resentful, bitter and cold?

I know of Christians who say, act, and do whatever they feel and it is just not the way the church should be!  We all say we are to love others but,  many of us can barely reach out and say Hi…..and that’s within the church walls.  How sad?!  We complain about numerous things rather than focusing on the good we have.  The church is full of so much rhetoric…we need to act and not pretend to be what we say we are.  Loving God involves loving others.  There is no time for cliques, insecurity and nonsense.  It is time to be who we say we are.  If we cannot live it in church, how are we to reach others?

But the only way to inspire people to draw unto Him is by being like Him!  He is all that is good!  I am telling you….our lives speak volumes.  I am weary of hearing people say what the word says and then doing something completely opposite!   You can say what you want but it does not mean a “hill of beans” if you are not putting your actions behind it!  Because then… those are just words.  The church has a real chance to be the light to this world.  It is by loving people, standing firm in your beliefs and then living it out!  And no, we can never be perfect but we should be striving to be our best and by giving Him our best!  We need to take our rightful place of being the salt of the earth.  The church should be known as not “mamby pamby” but it should be holding strong to its convictions, unwavering in our faith and strong in love.

This is me, not talking AT you but talking to me too.  Let’s rise up and be who we were made to be.

God Bless your sweet souls!



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