Celebratory post! 

This week, Mark and I are celebrating our 21st anniversary of wedded bliss.  It really is hard to believe, because I still feel 19!  This thing called marriage is a blessing, not always blissful nor perfect, but wonderful just the same!  It has been a journey…..at times a beautiful one and other times, a challenging ride.  But one thing is for certain, God has put us together.  We love, respect and honor one another!  I always tell Mark that I am favored by God, because He gave me him!  He is home to me and I love sharing life with Him!  So….Happy Anniversary to my handsome guy who is so much more than what I ever dreamed of!  I am thankful for Mark George every single minute!

Take heart if you are frustrated in your marriage.  Don’t lose hope!  A sweet, fulfilling marriage takes work for sure but always remember….just as you are imperfect, so is your spouse.  Try not to have unrealistic expectations, and always love them where they’re at.

I will not pretend to know everything about wedded bliss and how to get there, because I am still learning daily.  But I do know that open communication, respecting one another and loving unconditionally are really where it’s at.  Easier said than done, I know!  There are days we want to just scream at each other all day long and then other days where we cannot get enough of each other.  But one thing remains unchanged…God made us for each other and our love deepens by the day.  Try and tell yourself when things get tough, just listen to him/her, hear them!  Work together, make God the center, and you will surely succeed!

God Bless your sweet souls!

~ Mrs. Mark Pratt


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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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