Mom, Mama, Madre, Mother, Marmie…

No matter how you say it, it means a love like no other!  With Mother’s Day approaching,  Happy Mothers Day to all of you Mom’s, those of you who are missing your mom’s, those who desire to be a mom,  and those who may not a biological mom but are a mother to so many!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to blog a top 10 list of what I love about my Mom and also…the top 10 things I love about being a Mom!

My mom is God given and I honor her…

1.  She loves Jesus and has always represented God’s love in our home while growing up without hypocrisy or compromise.

2.  She was a single mom who was hard working and always provided for me.  She went without so I could have things like designer jeans and sneakers for the start of school, just to mention a couple.  She went out of her way for my happiness.

3.  She is an awesome mom-in-law to my husband.  She encourages him, brags about him, and is thankful for him…and she never misses a chance to say so!

4.  She is an amazing, loving and very proud grandma “Maga” to our son.  She has ran, played, jumped, and has much more energy than someone her age does…no joke!

5.  She speaks into my life.  She prays daily for us.  She has such strong faith and I admire her knowledge of God’s word and her prayer life.  She is the real deal.

6.  She encourages me to be my best!  That includes listening to me and being honest with me.  She lets me vent but also stops me in my tracks when I cross the line.  Rumors are definitely not in her vocabulary.

7.  She believes the best in people.  Simple as that.

8.  She is honest, and forthright.  It’s funny because she loves my compassion and “sweetness” as she says… but I love her ability to not people please….there is no show with her.

9.  She practices what she preaches.  She is always there for people and most times it is unseen, whether getting their needs met, driving here and there, ministering in the jail – she cares for people and their lives.

10.  Lastly, she is a secret keeper….telling her something, you can rest assured…it is safe with her.  I can trust my mom with my heart!  She is my forever friend!

Jared Mark is my gem!  He made me a mom and honestly, that was always my life’s aspiration – to be a wife & mom!  I cannot think of anything more fulfilling or satisfying.  What I most love about mothering….

1.  …..watching my son grow – not just physically but in every way.  His heart grows bigger by the day.  His kindness and empathy are just inspiring.

2.  ….hugs, kisses, and snuggles of course!  But he is a “tween” now so that has diminished somewhat.

3.  ….the little things like being the central house for all of his friends and feeding them and encouraging them when I can.

4. ….helping to build a man who loves the Lord!

5. ….being his person when he is excited, hurt, sick, bummed, disappointed, or happy – he loves to share it with me.

6.  ….watching him longing to be like his dad!  Their relationship is beyond priceless!

7.  …..sports, school, concerts, games, crafts, homework, birthday parties, etc…I love it all!

8.  …our mom/son sleepovers in the living room while watching TV!

9.  ….being his friend but it is delicately balanced.  I am mostly mom and I love it!

10.  …..being the ‘3 Musketeers’ with my 2 favorite people!  We do everything together and I am thankful for that bond!

I am thankful God gave us Jared!

God Bless your sweet souls!



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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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