Worth the Wait!

I was so ecstatic the day I found out I was pregnant!  And then the day we learned it was a boy, how thankful and completely overjoyed we were to be expecting a son!   There are no words to really describe what our hearts felt!  We were both enamored immediately with our God given blessing!  But let me back up a bit…..

It did not come easily, not at all.  We had prayed for a child and pregnancy was just not coming to fruition.  And through the times of heaviness in not conceiving and fighting through disappointment, God was doing something. He was preparing us as parents, giving us time (a lot of time, haha!) to really grow in being a couple.  I had every kind of reproductive tests one could have.  Mark and I were both unexplained in that there was no apparent reason why pregnancy was not occurring.  Then finally, I had one more laparoscopy to have a polyp removed and my Dr. encouraged us to wait it out and just try without fertility assistance.  And guess what, just 3 short months after, we took the test and this time, it was positive!  Oh the joy!   Jared Mark was born on October 7, 2005…..nearly 9 1/2 years after we became man and wife!  The best part is that God gets ALL of the credit!  …no fertility help was needed.  Now, don’t misunderstand…. I feel that fertility doctors and their methods are a blessing for sure, and we were in the midst of making certain decisions regarding this.  But there was no need.  It happened naturally and our miracle was on his way!

But let me say, going through something painful, grows us.  It builds character and causes you to rely on God, the giver of life.  Every Mother’s Day was a tough holiday to swallow, but we continued to pray.  If you are going through a similar battle, know this….you are not alone!  God is able to do more than you could ever think or ask.  Be encouraged!  What you may think is impossible is possible with Him!  He has good plans for you!  Mark and I prayed and drew closer together in our struggle.  Through the times of desire and frustration,  you can draw closer to your spouse rather than further away.  Because truth be told, it is a painful process of letting go and trusting.  But through it all, we never questioned God because we knew He knows all and that He had our best interests as He does for you.  I remember Mark saying that it would be the “cherry on top” if we had a child, but that even if we didn’t, we still had the sundae, which was each other.  So if this is your struggle, uphold one another and wait for your blessing!  A perfect scripture of encouragement…1 Samuel 2:1-36.  Hannah waited and waited and prayed and prayed.  Samuel was born and was dedicated back to God.  Rejoice in your yet to come blessings!

We cherish ours and cannot imagine life without our miracle!

God Bless your sweet souls!



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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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