Social Media ~ Blessing or Curse?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Oh My!!!

Here we are….living in a technological, social media crazed world!   There is a lot of good but also a lot of not-so-good.  I am not going to lie, I am a big enjoyer of facebook.  For me, that is the extent of my social media world, aside from my recent blog site and occasionally Pinterest.  But, I do not tweet, use Instagram nor am I a proponent of using a ton of different platforms.  There is not a thing wrong with those who are multi- users but I feel like I prefer to keep it grounded to one.  It is enough to keep up for myself.  If I am going to share pictures, post a video, blog or friend different people, it can all be done on facebook.   Maybe it is my compulsive need to streamline and organize.  I do not want to have to check-in or keep up on so much – one is good!  Less is more has always been my nature.  My email boxes are always nearly empty – at work and at home.  I compartmentalize nearly everything.  I do not want my emails or texts overwhelmingly full.  I read them, do what I need to do, and file or delete.  I feel less chaotic and more free when my ducks are in a row.

It kind of goes hand in hand with cleaning your house.  Some of us are pack rats and some throw away everything.  If it has not been used in a year, we chuck it – that is both my husband and my theory.  Of course there are the sentimental items that we hold onto, but you get my point.  I do not want to have to keep up with an exorbitant amount of socializing online.  I like to share photos and see others pictures, particularly staying connected and caught up with my close friends and family that live afar. But I do check in on facebook more than I would like to.  It swallows up time for sure.  And when it comes down to it, life is not more meaningful with it, it is just more convenient.  I am trying not to confuse the two.  The biggest advantage to using social media is to CONNECT on all levels with many different people. You can face time with your loved ones in a different city, state or even country.  How awesome!  You are missing your family and you can see their faces in a minute or less.  And how about shopping?!  You can buy anything and everything right on line never having to leave your house…so cool, right?   Amazon Prime is my friend for sure!

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But I think we need to be thinking about technology in moderation.  We talk about moderation with food, exercise and many other things.  There are advantages and disadvantages as with just about everything.  But an over abundance of social media/technology is the breakdown of relationships, in a way.  Kids are talking via text in the same room at times; adults have their faces in their phones at a restaurant instead of talking across the table; Moms and Dads have their children needing their undivided attention but they are more interested in seeing who liked their posts.  It is the very essence of addiction.  Our phones have become an extention of our human bodies.  They are always on us, always connected and never far from our beings.  We wake up by them or to their alarm, go to sleep with them next to us, and check every ring, ding, and beep.  We post every picture of every moment, what we eat and drink to what we wear and do.  As much as I am on Facebook, I really do not think that everything we do should be posted.  Some things should be private.  Like 50 pics in a week…a tad too much!  I think it’s meant to be a casual here and there,  not an every breath you take feature.

We, as a family, recently decided that we do not need to take our phones in restaurants with us and we try not to answer during dinner at home.   Inevitably, they are going to ring or buzz and our family dinner time is too precious to be constantly interrupted.  For the most part, nothing is too important that can’t wait.  So in summary,  let’s make the technology craze and the social lifestyle an addition to this incredible thing called life….not a consuming force.  Let’s talk to each other, catch up, share things, and personalize our relationships again.  Plan a few unplugged days a month for your kids and yourselves.  Pick up the phone and hear a person’s voice…texting is convenient, I do it ALL of the time, and will continue to.  But there are times, we should have a conversation like in the ‘olden’ days….it is meaningful and much deeper.  So what do you think, a blessing or a curse?!  I think a little bit of both!

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“The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media.”

God Bless your sweet souls,



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