Veer Away from Veruca!

The ME, ME, ME mindset…

Most of us have heard of Veruca Salt but for those who may not have, she is a character from one of my favorite childhood movies, Willy Wonka. She is an extremely selfish, immature, over indulged, manipulative and   very spoiled child!  Her behavior is distasteful and rude.  Yet, her parents continually grant her every request no matter how outrageous!

Sadly, in real life, our society is filled with entitled individuals who exhibit selfishness and narcissism. Sometimes it is obvious but most times, it is not as glaring as Miss Salt’s disgraceful ways.  However, it is still just as unpleasant.

Unfortunately, this is not just pertaining to children but more oftentimes, adults.  You know what I am talking about…. the SELF, the ME who is always in the forefront.  There are those who are manipulative, prideful, and demanding.  Whenever we see a toddler mid tantrum, it’s easy to think, that child needs discipline but what’s worse?  …. an adult having one!  It may not be kicking and screaming but it is still a tantrum. It is an attitude of “I deserve, and  I am more important”.  This is done in a more ambiguous manner but it is self seeking nonetheless.  Our world is full of this entitlement and sadly, it is worsening as time goes on.

You know the scenarios… you drive, others try and push you off the road because certainly where they are headed takes precedence; being late constantly because their time is more important than others; not following rules because they could care less (you know the person – their phone is ringing in the movie theater because turning it off is beyond them); expecting special treatment because clearly they are very significant; never apologizing because they are seldom wrong, and never taking responsibility for their actions to name a few.  To be frank, none of us are perfect but this type of person is hard to like, let alone love!  But thankfully, God does!!  He loves us all through our imperfections.

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I think it’s time for a change and it can start with one person.  We can change this societal attitude by putting generosity and selflessness in the forefront of our daily lives.  This carries over to our children who can make a difference in their world!  Make time for that phone call with a struggling individual on the other end.  Or pick up someone who does not own a car but needs a ride to church or to the grocery store.  Get to know someone, take an interest in them, their family or their job.  Be concerned and exhibit empathy and genuinely care.   These may seem small and insignificant, but it is the little things that matter most. I know I am praying to be more selfless because we ALL have a selfish side, its human nature. But we can rise up and make a difference, just have to be willing to change.

Here’s to putting our Veruca’s to bed!

God Bless your sweet souls!



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