The comparison crutch..

Ahhh yes, we have all been there.  You know, comparing ourselves with others!  The assessing and striving to prove our own worth and capabilities.  But honestly, what are we trying to prove?!  It is such a crippling notion that we need to compete or add up to others around us.  Instead of appreciating our differences, we crave to measure up when indeed, we already do.  It is something that most of us have all struggled with from time to time.  It can be everything from our physical attributes to personalities to successes, and the list goes on.  But I have some fantastic news…….


So stand out, & be who YOU were created to be!

We all have giftings and abilities.  So use what you have and tackle life head on!  It really is pointless to compare because there will only ever be one YOU!  Embrace your best version.  Don’t get caught up in the nonsense.  Comparisons rob us of precious energy and time.   Actually, there is a lack of truth in all of the insecurity.

“Comparisons are always unfair. We typically compare the worst we know of ourselves to the best we presume about others.”

This quote is so true.  Let’s all encourage one another and appreciate the beauty of our differences.  I have come to like my imperfections because they are a part of me.  The world would be agonizingly mundane if we all were exactly the same.  Let’s compliment each other instead of comparing with one another!

I challenge you…….

Don’t Dare Compare 👌🏻

God Bless your sweet souls!



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Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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