He calls me Switzerland…


He. He is my soulmate. My other half. God’s perfect gift. I am favored. Destined by God.

You know the story. We all have a story. And while it may not be the perfect classic movie romance, it proves to be far better. You see when God creates the script of life, it surpasses any director’s dream. The scene…Teenage girl falls in love with slightly older guy. She tells her mother that she is going to marry him. Four years pass and she finds herself on the other side of his kiss. She knew it! God was precipitating their story. And it was just the beginning!

First Act: A Love Like Theirs

(Warning: corniness may ensue)

My Mark. He is the Danny to my Sandy, the cheese to my macaroni, the peanut butter to my jelly, the smile to my face, the ketchup on my fries, the icing on my cupcake and the horizon to my sky. Quite simply, he is God’s handpicked missing piece to my puzzle.

God’s plan is so much larger than ours, isn’t it? It holds our dreams, our best interests and our heart in its grasp. There is nothing better than the story that God conceives. Growing up, I had a plan to love and be loved as we all do. And some roads taken we’re not part of the screenplay, but I continued on. A learning lesson. Though tough and broken at times, it proved that yes, this too was part of my script.

Mark and I started dating when I was a mere 19. We were friends for a while prior. You know, we hung out, did life with the same group of friends, saw tons of movies, laughed, cried, recognized each other’s insecurities and most importantly loyalties to each other and in the process became the best of friends.

We married three years after our first date. Jared came 9 years later. And through these 27 years together and almost 24 of those married, I love this man in a way that is hard to put into words. He is my protector, provider, supporter, best friend, love of my life and father to my most prized gift from God. My handsome man. My husband.

Second Act: My Superman

We are a team! The man cooks, cleans, builds, works, supports, shops (for me!!), and loves like no other. He is thoughtful and tells me often that I am his girl! He brings me home treats and my heart swells to know that he thinks of me the way he does while he is working, or out and about. He is mine and I am his. God’s plan. No better script.

Third Act: He brings the Humor

He makes me laugh repeatedly. He is just plain funny. And he never tries too hard. And yes, that makes the situation or moment even funnier. Laughter is good, like medicine. God knew I needed that in a mate. His plan. He’s so good.


While you are in the midst of waiting for the story to recommence, remember that whether you are in a marriage or waiting to be, or maybe you aren’t interested in one at all, there is a common denominator. God has a plan for your life and it is good. He will not fail you, He is with you in the everyday. The wonderful and the mundane. He is, if you allow Him to be, in the center of your relationships. He knows your heart and He grants your desires. Draw nigh friends because His love story is the best of all! Back to the script…

Fourth Act: He’s Got My Number

This man of mine knows me. The things that set me off, make me tick, bring happiness or make me sad. And yes as the title reflects, he calls me Switzerland. He says I always see the best sides of life and others and that I understand people and try and see their points of view. He is intuitive when it comes to what I might be thinking or feeling. He is the keeper of my heart.

Fifth Act: Proud Papa

He is the best father to our son! Jared and he just jive in all ways. Two peas in a pod. They wrestle, have deep talks, spend time together, and love each other’s company. They like the same shows, are fussy in the same ways, have the most beautiful blue eyes, and have an adoration for sports. The way my son looks to his father and how he thrives from his approval is sheer confirmation that God fulfilled my dream as a wife and a mother. I am nuts about my guys!

Sixth Act: Jesus Freak

Yup, He loves our sweet Savior, which for me, is best of all! He displays this so beautifully in his every day living. He goes above and beyond, as he encourages others, fills the needs of so many and loves like no other. He hates to see injustices. He is a man of his word and his heart is kind. All God-given! He represents Christ in a truthful and faithful way.

Epilogue: The Best is Yet to Be

We are fast approaching our 25th year of marriage. And in all these years thus far, we are beyond thankful that God wrote our script. He created this love story and without Him, it would not be what was meant. A good marriage takes 3! It is far from perfection and it is work, but we love, respect and are faithful to each other. My heart is filled with gratitude to God. The best is yet to come! He gave me someone that completed my puzzle. And while I may be his Switzerland, I for certain know that he is my dream fulfilled!

God Bless your souls,

Mr. McDreamy’s Wife


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Happy wife and mom!
Devoted to Jesus and my family!

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