Never Alone

2020! You have been challenging for sure! As we all ventured into the New Year a long 8 months ago, we had no idea what was around the corner. We were oblivious as we were setting New Year’s Resolutions. We were running forward into the uncharted days and months, with a fresh set of wings. Not many expected what was about to rear it’s ugly head.

Then BAM! Out of nowhere, we were taken aback by this crazy virus. March was something out of the Twilight Zone. For me, in particular, I had to have my gallbladder removed. There are worse things for sure but I was not thrilled about having surgery. I have only had minimal procedures so this was not the norm for me, and it was positively out of my comfort zone. I’m sure it is for most. I was scheduled for March 16th. And, I kid you not, it was just in the nick of time. Due to the crazy Corona making its entrance, elective surgeries were just about to be on the chopping block, but I thankfully made the cutoff…..just barely. And why a gallbladder chocked full of stones is considered elective is beyond me, but nonetheless, I sailed through.

I prepped in the wee hours of the morning and as we arrived at the hospital, the sun was just coming up. We walked into the lobby, and were immediately ambushed by protocol that we had never quite seen before. Medical personnel scurrying around in masks, welcoming me yet going through their harried new found routine. It was unsettling for everyone because this was so new and it was uncharted territory in the health field. Pretty much immediately, and quite unfortunately, Mark was asked to vacate. I was alarmed. He was sidetracked too but very encouraging that all would be well. We hugged, kissed and departed. Wait, what?! Then the realization hit. I had to walk through those doors facing general anesthesia without a soul waiting in the wings. My mind was racing, “maybe I should reschedule, yes reschedule!” But for some heavenly reason, I forged on and walked further away from my husband and through those surgical doors. Then like the welling up of a warm bath, deep inside, I had a sweet comfort that I was never alone. I came to the realization that I already had the best Person with me! He wasn’t just waiting in the wings, He was beside me for the entirety. I have to confess that at first, yes, every single part of my being wanted to turn around and run to my husband. I wanted to endure the discomfort of those pesky gallstones a while longer, just so I wasn’t alone. But I pressed on and as I prepped for the scalpel, I trusted my Savior because I knew that I knew that He would never leave me.

And now that we are entering September, school is readying it’s startup. And though it’s a very different scenario than in years past, God is beside our son continuously. The school is taking so many necessary protocols for the safety of the our children. They are providing so much comfort but our trust is in our Savior ultimately. He will protect and cover as some sort of normalcy resumes with a new school year. He never leaves us. Jared is never alone.

As COVID has taken its toll on our nation and world, God’s presence remained. And still remains. His peace overtook the fear, His healing overcame any illness, and His love overwhelmed all hate and pain! I healed beautifully after surgery and knew that the fear that struck me and tried to paralyze that early morning, was whisked away in just a moment, by His presence! And His sweet protective presence will carry our son through the school year. And His presence is in this world no matter the chaos. We are not alone in this world. Especially when we know the One Who never leaves our side!

So take heart, friends. Trust in God and seek a meaningful connection with Him. God is faithful and no matter how you feel, no matter if everyone leaves you, He is there.

The LORD will not reject his people; he will not abandon his special possession. Psalm 94:14

God Bless your resilient souls!



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