Silver linings…

You know the days where it feels as though a storm is brewing and certain to come. The dark clouds and gusty winds move in and prove that something is most assuredly on the horizon. Suddenly, weather shifts and quickly changes and many times, it is upon us before we feel ready. It can be frightening and disconcerting at times. We may be outside with no umbrella and it hits out of nowhere. Taking cover brings a whole new meaning when there is no shelter. But when safety is at hand and you can run into that house nearby or jump in your car beside you, then the storm seems less dismal. Life can be just like that. Out of nowhere we are taken off guard and things fiercely change. Without warning. The storms of life can be physical where we need to get out of the rain but it also encompasses the hard days that seem tough to tread through. And through it all, there is always a positive. Did you ever look to the sky and see that bright silver lining that edges out the dark cloud? It is a symbol of HOPE. And the promise that things will get better. It reminds me of the Bible verse that says ‘what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it around and make it good’.

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.” Genesis 50:20

Lately, life has been very different. Kind of strange. And very surreal. We have all been doing this “social distancing” thing and life as we knew it, has been completely transformed into a new way of living. We have all become “cooped up” creatures living through the storm of the Corona craziness.

But here’s the positive, the silver lining through it all. We have been given an extraordinary gift. The gift of time. Time to reflect and reprioritize. Time to spend with those we love the most and do so in a deep and meaningful way. Time to maybe do some things you never had the opportunity to. Time to walk and talk and appreciate the God-given nature that surrounds us. Time to organize and clear the clutter. Time to plan and dream. Time to know what’s most important and to intentionally change. And most importantly, time to read, pray and cultivate a closer relationship with our Savior. That right there is the one I strive for most.

So, though Covid wasn’t on our personal agendas, God knew. And though He didn’t cause it, He can bring good out of it. Will you allow Him to? His plan is best and if you can tune out all of the noise, He can show you. He can show us all. Because Corona is not the end game. It just isn’t! His return is. And my friends, that is just the beginning. The glorious and beautiful beginning.

Remember, the light that pierces through the darkness is the silver lining. There are and will be some gray days for sure but, there is always a brightness that surfaces through all the gloom. And when you doubt that hope is there, remember to find the lining. It’s there, I promise. We will get through this and not just “get through” but soar above and come out the other side stronger and with focused purpose!

Romans 8:28

Stay safe and well!

God bless your souls,



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