shades of gray…

As we enter a new year, I’m reminded of new beginnings, fresh starts, and adventures yet to be experienced. As we press forward with hopeful, resolute hearts, I know one thing is for certain. And that certainty will always remain. It is the indelible, unwavering Word of God. I like to think of it as black and white. There are no shades of gray in it. It’s clear. It’s concise. It is absolute. It is HOLY. It is so refreshing to know right from wrong without compromise. His Word is there to seek and know truth. It is not meant to be reworked to our likings. The church has been losing sight of this, sadly. This does not mean we are to be perfect, for the Grace of God is freeing and covers. But that is not a license to sin. There is right and there is wrong. We must strive to do right knowing that God’s forgiveness is always available to us when we fail….which we will, because we are human.

“In Romans 16:17,18, Paul made it abundantly clear that the Word of God is to never be compromised with error for any reason whatsoever, no matter the condition.Christians are commanded not to add to or take from God’s Word. It is solid and a firm foundation of TRUTH. There is right and there is wrong. No gray…

I am thinking of a conversation with some of our family over the holidays. It was centered around me and the topic of mercy. My sweet nieces were saying that I would defend them even if they did something horrible and wrong. And though I chuckled and was complemented by their view of my compassion, it also made me reflect. I certainly want to be kind, easy going, and forgiving but never OK with injustice or wrongdoing. I would always stand up to and confront what was and is wrong even with those I love, ESPECIALLY with those I love. Mark always tell me that I am Switzerland because I see both sides of a disagreement. But make no mistake, yes I try to understand where different people are coming from but never at the cost of compromise, NEVER! I have always said that my views are pretty black and white. I credit that to my uncompromising upbringing. There is no condemnation or legalism, in fact the Word brings just the opposite. It brings freedom and life to those who believe it. So in a nutshell, as we forge ahead into 2019, let us do as we say and believe. Let us get rid of the grays unless they’re in our closets! Again, it is not living with perfection but with clarity, striving to lead a holy life. Be encouraged and delve deeper into what He has for you. That is my goal. Let’s go into this brand New Year living with absolutes! Happy New Year!




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  1. I love this, I have always thought the same way… No gray areas.
    Everything to me is black- sin
    or White- Holyness, I guess thats what keeps on the narrow road.
    I really enjoyed reading this.

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